ESR-1 Adrián Juan Verdejo

Assisted migration of enterprise applications to the cloud

Cloud computing is a relatively new paradigm with the potential to transform how IT hardware and software is designed and purchased. Computing is no longer purchased as a product but delivered as a service over the internet from large data centers. However, despite the potential benefits associated with the migration of enterprise applications from an in-house data center into a Cloud infrastructure, there are still some issues that hinder the process. In this respect, a migrated application should meet specific enterprise policies related to privacy and security, as well as provide an acceptable quality of service. Because of the complexity of enterprise applications today with respect to the large number of their components deployed in multi-tier architectures, the complexity of the interactions between their components and with stored data, the migration process has to be assisted. Our approach envisions an application hosted partly both on-premise and on the Cloud. Resulting migrated applications need to be compliant with enterprise and security policies constraints while minimizing costs and ensuring performance in terms of wide area network communications and response times. We will model the component placement taking into account several factors such as: enterprise policies, dynamic performance bottlenecks, data sensibility, performance, cost savings from migration, data flows between application components, and spread and variability of users. On the one hand the migration could lower the SLA while on the other hand the deployment on the Cloud will provide the ability to handle peaks in workload and a higher reliability due to the existence of more fault domains, replication and even deployment on multiple clouds. With respect to the latter, we will assess the deployment on different clouds depending on the constraints imposed by them. We will present algorithms and models that will assist developers in migrating existing applications and we will evaluate our approach by supporting the migration of an existing product configurator.

Main research interests:

  • Component-based Software Engineering
  • Service-oriented computing
  • Challenges in the migration of applications to the cloud

Technology domains:

  • Distributed Systems
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software Engineering




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