ESR-4 Piotr Rygielski

Modeling Virtualized Network Infrastructures for Capacity Management

Performance of the cloud system is determined by performance of three subsystems: computing, storage and networking. In this topic we model the networking infrastructure of a single cloud datacenter in order to increase predictability of the services running in the datacenter and to provide the mechanisms needed to make the cloud system self-aware. The self-awareness mechanisms allow better utilization of the cloud resources and provide the flexibility to satisfy the needs of varied range of customers.

The goal of this project will be obtained by performing the following steps: 1) reviewing networking virtualization techniques used in cloud; 2) developing descriptive model of the networking infrastructure in the data center; 3) developing a transformation from the descriptive model into a predictive model to predict the quality of service (QoS) in the network; 4) use the models and the prediction results to proactively allocate the resources of the network in order to meet the QoS requirements and SLAs. The results of the research will be: models, transformations and network-management mechanisms allowing to precisely predict and control the quality of service levels in the cloud data center environment.

Main research interests:

  • Quality of Service provisioning in networks and distributed service-based systems
  • Resource Management
  • QoS-aware composite service composition
  • System Modeling and Simulation
  • Discrete optimization methods
  • Computational complexity




Related work


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