ER-1: Dr. Bholanathsingh Surajbali

Adaptive Cloud based systems

Cloud computing offers great potential to transcend traditional software stacks, circumventing a lot of the development restrictions and deployment difficulties imposed by previous distributed systems. While lots of effort are being carried out to provide scalable, solutions a number of distributed challenges impose on how to make cloud solutions extensible for the collaborative development and provide for highly customised and service-enhanced applications with demanding non-functional requirements, for example privacy or real-time requirements. Additionally with a number of proprietary cloud platforms, interoperability becomes an interesting challenge. Cloud based solutions need to be adaptable and interoperable taking into account the heterogeneous distributed system challenges including privacy and security.  As a possible outcome of the research we aim to develop a cloud based-middleware framework handling the dynamicity of such distributed environment challenges.

Main research interests:

  • Middleware cloud based solutions;
  • Dynamic Runtime Systems Adaptation;
  • Dynamic Reconfiguration Consistency in Middleware;
  • Cloud based PaaS Portability and Interoperability;
  • Security and Privacy issues to cloud computing;
  • Dynamic adaptation of cloud services and QoS;


surajbali [ at] gmail [dot] com


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