Position Paper: Towards a Requirements-Driven Design of Ensemble-Based Component Systems


Although approaches that e ffectively address the distribution and dynamism of adaptive systems at a middleware level exist, the design of complex, ensemble-based systems still remains a signi ficant challenge. This hinders the development of real-life applications based on the ensemble paradigm. A promising approach appears to be the coupling of proven low-level concepts with high-level ones, revisiting requirements modeling in the realm of ensemble-based systems. To this end, the goal of this paper is to point out the specifi c challenges related to the design of ensemble-based systems and show that classic requirements models and methods cannot be applied out-of-the-box in a requirements-driven design of ensemble-based applications. In response to this problem, a novel design method based on the iterative refi nement of system requirements expressed by predicates on stakeholder’s knowledge is discussed.


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