Proceedings of the International Workshop on Hot Topics in Cloud Services (HotTopiCS 2013) 20-21 April 2013

The International Workshop on HotTopiCS in Cloud Services (HotTopiCS 2013), organized and sponsored by the RELATE ITN, took place in Prague between 20-21 April 2013. More than 50 international researchers from academia and industry attended the two day event exchanging ideas and experiences on novel research challenges and current problems from practice in the area of cloud computing.

The program included five technical sessions on various topics ranging from cloud resource management to cloud performance evaluation, two invited talks, including a presentation on the RELATE project, and an open discussion on novel challenges and emerging research directions in cloud computing.

The proceedings of the workshop are available from the ACM Digital Library ( as well as from the SPEC Research Group’ web site as part of the ICPE 2013 Proceedings (

The slides from the individual presentations can be downloaded below.

Day 1: 20 April 2013

Keynote speech: IaaS Cloud Benchmarking: Approaches, Challenges, and Experience

Speaker: Dr. Alexandru Iosup, Parallel and Distributed Systems Group, TU Delft, Netherlands

Over the past five years, Infrastructure-as-a-Service clouds have grown into the branch of ICT that offers services related to on-demand lease of storage, computation, and network. One of the major impediments in the selection and even use of (commercial) IaaS clouds is the lack of benchmarking results, that is, the lack of trustworthy quantitative information that allows (potential) cloud users to compare and reason about IaaS clouds.

In this talk we discussed empirical approaches to quantitative evaluation, which we find to be a necessary bumpy road toward cloud benchmarking. Both industry and academia have used empirical approaches for years, but the limited success achieved so far for IaaS clouds and similar systems (e.g., grids) is perhaps indicative of the complexity and size of challenges. We have presented initial results of our research into cloud workload characterization, including Big Data applications. The lessons we have learned in developing the SkyMark framework for cloud performance evaluation and the results of our SkyMark-based investigation of three research questions are: What is the performance of production IaaS cloud services? How variable is the performance of widely used production cloud services? and What is the impact on performance of the user-level middleware, such as the provisioning and allocation policies that interact with IaaS clouds?

Session 1: Cloud management

  1. On-line Bayesian Context Change Detection in Web Service Systems by Jakub Tomczak and Maciej Zieba.
  2. Addressing Self-Management in Cloud Platforms: a Semantic Sensor Web Approach by Rustem Dautov, Iraklis Paraskakis and Dimitrios Kourtesis.
  3. Behavioral Model for Cloud aware Load and Power Management by Kiril Schröder and Wolfgang Nebel.

Session 2: At the edge of the Cloud

  1. Cloud storage pricing: a comparison of current practices by Maurizio Naldi and Loretta Mastroeni.
  2. Decision support for partially moving applications to the Cloud – the example of Business Intelligence by Adrián Juan-Verdejo and Henning Baars.
  3. Rusta: Elastic processing and storage at the edge of the cloud (position paper) by Steffen Viken Valvåg, Dag Johansen and Åge Kvalnes.

Session 3: Discussion

  1. Discussion – Topics of Interest

Day 2: 21 April 2013

Invited talk: RELATE: A Research Training Network on Engineering and Provisioning of Service-Based Cloud Applications

Speaker: Dr. Samuel Kounev, Faculty of Informatics, KIT, Germany

Abstract: The RELATE Initial Training Network (ITN), funded by the EU in the Marie Curie Actions programme, is a multidisciplinary training network of European academic and industrial partners working together to train academic researchers and next generation experts in the area of engineering and provisioning of service-based Cloud applications. In this talk, we present the up-to-date goals and strategy of the RELATE project and give an overview of the ongoing research activities within the training network.

Session 4: Cloud performance

  1. Cloud-based performance testing: issues and challenges (position paper) by Junzan Zhou, Shanping Li, Zhen Zhang and Zhen Ye.
  2. Cloud System Deployment and Performance Evaluation Tools for Distributed Databases (position paper) by Markus Klems and Hoàng Anh Lê

Session 5: Cloud techniques

  1. OPENi – Future of a Consumer-centric Cloud-based Application Platform (position paper) by Robert Kleinfeld, Lukasz Radziwonowicz, Eric Robson, Leigh Griffin and Fenareti Lampathaki
  2. Towards a requirements-driven design of ensemble-based component systems (position paper) by Ilias Gerostathopoulos, Tomas Bures and Petr Hnetynka


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