ESR-20 Ioannis Arampatzis

Service Level Failure Mitigation in Service-Based Cloud Applications

Exploration of the broad area of cloud computing focusing on the area of the Broker. The function of the Broker is to facilitate the smooth relationship between the service provider and the service consumer. More specifically, the focus is on the service level failure mitigation. The goal of service level failure mitigation is to assist the consumer to avoid or minimise the impact from a potential failure of the service to meet the consumer’s targets. Mitigation of service level failures requires processes for monitoring various metrics about the operation of a cloud service and generating predictions about how the values of those metrics evolve over time.

The key challenges that will be researched include the following:

  • Which metrics are relevant and useful for consumers and which of those should the broker collect data for? The cloud service broker has to support metrics that are useful to consumers, by performing data collection for those metrics and predicting impending failures of the service providers to meet the consumer’s objectives.
  • How to implement scalable monitoring for different types of metrics from a large number of cloud services, without overwhelming the cloud service broker, or introducing additional overhead to the cloud service? The broker has to monitor metrics for a continuously increasing number of cloud services and analyse them in near real-time to identify impending failures of the provider to meet the consumers’ objectives.

Main research interests:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Mining
  • Semantic Web Technologies




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