ESR-2-2 Chala Tesgera

A Platform for Mobile Based Cloud Application for Developing Countries

At the moment, mobile broad band network infrastructure is widely in use in most of the world including rural areas of developing countries. This resulted in high demand of mobile application that can be provided as a services from cloud vendors. However, integrating mobile applications across cloud platforms faces issues related to performance (e.g. battery life, storage, and bandwidth), interoperability, scalability and security.  Even though mobile based broad band is widely used in rural areas of developing countries, the network is commonly characterized by low speed and high latency which will be another challenging issue for mobile based distributed computing applications.

Along with this career development plan, I am trying to examine and then develop a mobile based cloud platform that enables mobile user to get access to computing services from the cloud. This helps to not only extend battery lifetime which is one of the main concerns for mobile devices, but also improve data storage and processing power of mobile devices.  In addition to this, having such platform will help in providing education, health care, and marketing for developing countries so that it can support them in improving their socio-economic status.  In the course of studies, the limited mobile computing environment and other cloud computing challenging issue will be examined. Then a solution is developed so that mobile users from developing country get access to mobile cloud provider so as to alleviate their economic and social development

Main research interests:

  • Distributed Event Based Systems
  • Edge Computing
  • Data Mining
  • Mobile Cloud Computing






Tesgera C., Klein M., Juan-Verdejo A.: A Cloudlet-Based Approach to Tackle Network Challenges in Mobile Cloud Applications (Extended abstract). In Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Advances in ICT for Emerging Regions (ICTer), December 10-14, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2014 (To appear)

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