ESR-21 Jiri Vinarek

Finding bugs in the early stage of the software development

I’m interested in methods and technologies which allow to reveal mistakes and inconsistencies in the early stage of the software development process. To overcome these errors it is beneficial to involve the stakeholders with domain knowledge into review process of the proposed system. I would like to harvest the knowledge hidden in the artifacts which primarily serve as means for communication between stakeholders and analysts or developers (these involve requirements, use cases, bug reports, feature requests etc.).

Related to cloud computing, I would like to focus on the research around ad-hoc clouds, specifically on the requirements of the applications running in ad-hoc clouds. Idea of the ad-hoc cloud is to reuse already purchased underutilised hardware to run applications that would normally be deployed to cloud.

Main research interests

  • Requirements engineering
  • Data mining
  • Model driven development
  • Natural language processing






Vinarek J., Hnetynka P., Simko V. and Kroha P. : Recovering traceability links between code and specification through domain model extraction. In Proceedings of 10th International Workshop, EOMAS 2014, Held at CAiSE 2014, Thessaloniki, Greece, June 16-17, 2014, volume 191 of LNBIP.

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