Two Open Excellence Workshops successfully held on 20./21.03.2014

The first workshop, with a strong industrial focus and organised by SingularLogic on 20/3/2014, provided insights both from academic and industrial perspectives on the topic of the quality and performance of business services in the Cloud. Talks from distinguished speakers were hosted whereas the workshop agenda was divided into two main sessions. In the morning session, Prof. Diomidis Spinellis from AUEB gave a tutorial on locating and addressing performance issues during the software development phase and Prof. Giannis Soldatos from AIT talked about developing IoT applications based on the Open IoT platform. Thanos Moraitinis, head of product management of the Cloud Division of Singular Logic, discussed practical issues on bundling and promoting cloud products and deployed the case of Orbi, a successful cloud product offered currently in the Greek market by SingularLogic, to motivate his talk. The second session captured a demo presentation of tools supporting a particular class of business cloud services, the manufacturing services by Kostas Kalaboukas (R&D project manager, SingularLogic) and Jerry Demetriou (Independent IT Consultant and Application Developer). Thanos Karantjias, information security officer in SingularLogic, discussed security in enterprise clouds giving an industrial view on the management of cloud services.

The 2nd workshop on the 21/3/2014 was organized by the South East European Research Centre (SEERC). The workshop morning sessions captured presentations ranging from the result of Greek effort in creating a cloud offering, SYNNEFO, to how Internet of Things leveraging and offering information access to service-based applications and users, challenges efficiently publishing, subscribing, processing and reacting to events emerging. The morning session concluded with Automated Testing and Runtime Verification of Service-Based Applications, based on a formal and automated test-generation method which guarantees functional correctness for conversational services. The first afternoon session presentation, tackled  a high level overview of Big Data, and the potential tradeoffs by processing Big Data on Cloud. The following presentation discussed an alternative usage of Big Data solution in attacking autonomicity of Cloud Platforms through the notion of Semantic Sensor networks. The final session concluded by looking at interoperability issues between cloud infrastructures used by Governments.


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