An Industrial Case Study on Provenance Awareness of Composite Services


Provenance awareness adds a new dimension to the engineering of service-based systems, enabling them to increase their accountability through answering questions about the provenance of any data produced. Provenance awareness can be achieved by recording provenance data during system execution. In our previous work we have proposed an overall research agenda towards a design and analysis framework for provenance awareness of composite services. A fundamental element of this framework is the provenance model, ServiceProv ontology, capturing the structure of the provenance data collected which allows designers to query and reason over provenance data instances of composite services. With this paper we contribute an industrial case study exploring real-world provenance data from a service-based system (ORBI). In our study ServiceProv becomes the tool for enabling representation and reasoning over ORBI provenance data instances in order to answer specific provenance questions formalized as SPARQL expressions.

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