Employing Domain Knowledge for Optimizing Component Communication


The emerging area of (smart) Cyber Physical Systems (sCPS) triggers demand for new methods of design, development, and deployment of architecturally dynamic distributed systems. Current approaches (e.g. Component-Based Software Engineering and Agent-Based Development) become insufficient since they fail in addressing challenges specific to sCPS such as mobility, heterogeneous and unreliable deployment infrastructure, and architectural dynamicity. The strong dependence on the underlying communication infrastructure, often combining ad-hoc established links typical for wireless connectivity with more reliable connections of infrastructural networks, requires a novel method to optimize system deployment. In this paper we propose such a method based on the domain knowledge elicited from design level specification. As a proof of concept, we have provided an extension to the DEECo (Dependable Emergent Ensembles of Components) model and validated it on a scenario from the domain of Vehicular Area Networks.

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