Leveraging platform basic services in cloud application platforms for the development of cloud applications

Cloud application platforms gain popularity and have the potential to alter the way service based cloud applications are developed involving utilisation of platform basic services. A platform basic service is considered as a piece of software, which provides certain functionality and is usually offered via a web API. However, the proliferation and diversification of platform basic services and the available providers increase the challenge for the application developers to integrate them and deal with the heterogeneous providers’ web APIs. Therefore, a new approach of developing applications should be adopted in which developers leverage multiple platform basic services independently from the target application platforms. To this end, this paper presents a development framework assisting the design of service based cloud applications. The objective of the framework is to enable the consistent integration of the platform services, and to allow the seamless use of the concrete providers by alleviating the heterogeneities among them. The core components of the framework are the reference meta-model, which facilitates the modelling of the platform services and an ontology driven architecture enabling the description and the abstraction of the providers’ specific web APIs.

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