Final RELATE event successfully held at University of Würzburg, 17.-20. February 2015

The RELATE Winter School on Engineering and Provisioning of Cloud Applications – Research and Entrepreneurship was sucessfully hosted by the Departmenet of Computer Science, University of Würzburg, Germany (Associated Partner in RELATE). The Event brought together Researchers and practitioners to share and present their experiences, discuss challenges, and report state-of-the-art and in-Progress Research in the area of cloud computing and service Engineering.

The RELATE Winter School offered a rich technical program including invited talks from key industrial Partners (SAP, ABB), Training sessions on reserach management and entrepreneurship (both CAS), as well as presentations of the latest results from the RELATE project.

Day 1 began with an overview of the Project achievements by Prof. Samuel Kounev, the coordinator of the RELATE project. Afterwards Dr. Heiko Koziolek, Principal Scientist and Global Research Topic Coordinator at ABB Germany gave a talk on “The Automation Cloud”. Another part of the day was reserved for the individual results of RELATE fellows. Former and current fellws presented their research results and received feedback from the international audience.

Day 2 started with a research Management session on “Agile Research Management” given by Dr. Michael Klein, CAS, followed by an invited talk by Harald Müller, Vice President and Head of Cloud Management, SAP SE, who dedicated his talk on the issue of “Software Products vs. Cloud Services”. Another aim of the RELATE Winter School was to offer chances for collaboration. Representatives of seven related EU Projects (HEADS, Broker@Cloud, PaaSage, DIVERSIFYArtist, MODAClouds and CloudScale) could be gained to share their experiences and their current project status.

In the morning session of Day 3 few more EU Projects were presented and offered chances for further collaboration. As the RELATE Winter School was also the Final Event of the RELATE consortium the afternoon and evening were used for a final social Event in the City centre of Würzburg.

The final day of the RELATE Winter School was dedicated to Entrepreneurship. Spiros Alexakis (CAS), Wassili Kazakos (i disy), Dimitris Tsigos (President of the European confederation of Young Entrepreneurs) and Anne Siebold presented different business use cases and spoke about their experiences in opening-up and leaning up a start-up. In the following practical session the participants had the chance to test their ideas in pitching sessions.

Co-located with the Event, a Meeting of the newly launched DevOps Performance Working Group of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) was Held.

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